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Welcome to

Ignite American Football


Flag American Football for schools and local communities in the UK.



Engaging children and young people.



Helping to facilitate holistic development.

Raising the understanding and awareness of

American Football in the UK.

What We Offer

Curricular – PE Lessons

and PPA Cover

With the help of some of the most successful and experienced coaches in this country, we have developed a comprehensive scheme of work suitable for use in schools with children from the age of 7 right through to 18 years of age.

Extra-Curricular – After school

clubs and Holiday camps

There is the added option of after school clubs to allow more children to try out the sport, and we will be running several holiday camps in selected locations throughout the year.

The Ignite 4-point Ethos


We foster enthusiasm and participation in getting children involved in sport and with teams.


We focus on the pursuit of academic achievement to gain athletic excellence and the ideal concept of student before athlete.


We promote the principle of leading by example, thus developing character, moral values and life skills.

Elite Performance

Simply, being the best athlete YOU can be!

Flag Football


This is a non-contact sport, blocking and tackling are illegal actions.


Flag football can be played by any age, male or female with minimal equipment and preparation.


Ignite American Football actively teaches and promotes many key soft skills required in daily interaction such as teamwork, communication and dependability.

Fun, Accessible & Rewarding

No need for helmets or protective pads, all you need is a ball, friends, and some space!

Teamwork. Communication. Decision Making. Leadership Skills.

Join In!

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